The Simpatico Commissioning Project (SCP) is an ambitious endeavor to “build a genre.” Although repertoire for traditional piano trios (i.e., piano, violin and cello) is vast and encompasses many musical periods, piano trios featuring the clarinet (instead of the violin) and French horn (instead of the cello) are few.

When Trio Simpatico formed in 2009 not only did we “click” as an ensemble, but we also fell in love with the unique sound of our instrumental combination. Carl Reinecke’s Romantic Trio Op. 274 is the “signature” work for our ensemble and combines the best qualities of colors, power, and dynamic range of our sound. Through our research we have found a few more Romantic-period compositions and a handful of contemporary works. Even so, our repertoire options are limited.

Therefore, we decided to launch SCP. Trio Simpatico is dedicated to building a musical legacy for future generations. Through SCP we will commission, premiere and record new works written by a diverse mixture of emerging and lesser-known composers. We will include as many different styles and nationalities as possible to make the genre’s repertoire diverse, viable, accessible, stimulating, and satisfying to both performers and audiences.

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Our first commission, Fantazye by Kevin McKee, was completed July 2012 and premiered in October 2012.